Welcome to International Suleiman  University

It’s an independent establishment of legal, political, economic, social, humanitarian, scientific and applied sciences in various disciplines, licensed in the Republic of Turkey under number: (0465071059100001- Registry: 22416 \ 17433).
Established on 29/10/2007 in Damascus and moved in early 2013 to Turkey.

It is one of the top 10 virtual education universities around the world by 2016.

International Suleiman  University is an advisory university and a member of the academic impact of the United Nations.

International Suleiman  University includes 12 colleges and 4 intermediate institutes, in addition to graduate programs in master’s and doctorate in all disciplines, a center for scientific research, a scientific journal, a professional academy for training and development, an institute for evaluating and equipping scientific certificates issued by universities and other educational institutions, .

All certificates issued by International Suleiman  University are accredited and validated by the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

International Suleiman  University opens a registration registry for all relevant PhD programs
You can apply for a study by applying the registration listed below.