Program at the University

The IT program aims to prepare professional engineers and programmers who possess the basic knowledge and skills in computer engineering by providing an environment conducive to the application of modern teaching methods that motivate students to acquire, analyze, install, generate solutions, innovate and innovate, and provide students with these The environment requires the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge required by computer engineers.


IT Engineering strives to achieve a distinguished position at the local and international levels by achieving academic excellence, graduating students with high computer skills, and advancing scientific research. Which will contribute to the social and economic progress of societies.


The Department of Informatics Engineering provides graduates with professional and technical skills in order to achieve academic excellence in the field of computer science and technology, community service through computing and technology, in order to achieve social and economic progress, producing distinguished scientific research locally and internationally in the field of computer and technology.


  • Providing and equipping students with individual and professional skills, lofty values, and academic experience.
  • Supporting and encouraging faculty members to achieve academic excellence and progress in the field of scientific research.
    Gain knowledge and understanding:
  • Ability to characterize and define software system requirements using information tools.
  • Mastering the design of databases and knowledge of methods of implementation and testing.

Duration of study:

1. The duration of the study to obtain the degree of leave in the Department of Informatics Engineering for all disciplines four years of study for the recipients on the basis of the secondary certificate and three years for the candidates in the program of promotion according to the Institute and specialization.

2. The student is allowed to study for a maximum of 8 years for the secondary certificate holders and 6 years for the certificate holders of the intermediate institutes.

3. The academic year shall be divided into two separate classes. The University Council shall determine the date of beginning and ending of the study and the dates of the examinations according to the university calendar.

Overall graduation rate:
The rates of the courses in which the student succeeds for the four years are divided by the total number of courses and the general average is extracted.

Conditions of success, graduation and assessment:

1. The score for each course is 100 degrees.

2. The student is considered successful in the course if he obtains a higher final score or is equal to 55% of the higher grade of the course.

3. If a student succeeds in a course and receives an exam mark higher than 90% of the total mark, the university has the right to check the level of the student through an oral interview or a written exam, and to confirm his success in the course or to announce his absence if he is not at the required level.

4. In the case of failure of the student in the course, he must return it with his examinations, and with full reimbursement.

Language of study: Arabic language English language

اسم المقرر رمز المقرر CRDC Course Name
مهارات الحاسوب BCE001 4.0 Computer Skills-ICDL
مدخل إلى التعلم الإلكتروني BCE002 4.0 Introduction to On-Line Education
مهارات التواصل والكتابة العلمية BCE003 5.0 Communications Skills and Technical Writing
اللغة الإنكليزية ( 1 ) BCE004 3.0 English Language I
اللغة الإنكليزية ( 2 ) BCE005 3.0 English Language II
أساسيات الإدارة BCE006 4.0 Fundamentals of Management
اللغة الإنكليزية ( 3 ) BCE007 3.0 English Language III
اللغة الإنكليزية ( 4 ) BCE008 3.0 English language IV
المحاسبة BCE009 5.0 Accounting
إدارة المشاريع المعلوماتي BCE010 6.0 IT Project Management
اللغة الإنكليزية ( 5 ) BCE011 3.0 English Language V
أخلاقيات المهنة والمجتمع BCE012 6.0 Ethics of Profession & Society
نظرية المعرفة وعلوم الحاسب BCE013 4.0 Epistemology & Computer Science
الفيزياء BCE014 5.0 Physics
تحليل رياضي ( 1 ) BCE015 5.0 Mathematical Analysis I
بنى جبرية BCE016 5.0 Algebraic Structures
تحليل رياضي ( 2 ) BCE017 5.0 Mathematical Analysis II
الجبر الخطي BCE018 5.0 Linear Algebra
تحليل عددي BCE019 5.0 Numerical Analysis
الدارات الإلكترونية BCE020 5.0 Electronic Circuits
الدارات المنطقية BCE021 5.0 Logical Circuit
برمجة (1) BCE022 5.0 Programming I
برمجة (2) BCE023 5.0 Programming II
برمجة الويب (1) BCE024 5.0 Web Programming I
معالجة الإشارة BCE025 5.0 Signal Processing
الرياضيات المتقطعة BCE026 5.0 Discrete Mathematics
بنى المعطيات والخوارزميات BCE027 6.0 Data Structures & Algorithms
نظم قواعد البيانات (1) BCE028 4.0 Database Systems I
مخبر نظم قواعد بيانات (1) BCE029 4.0 Database Systems I Lab
بنيان الحاسوب (1) BCE030 6.0 Computer Architecture I
نظم التشغيل ( 1 ) BCE030 4.0 Operating Systems I
مخبر نظم تشغيل ( 1 ) BCE031 4.0 Operating System Lab I
نظم الاتصالات BCE032 5.0 Telecommunication Systems
برمجة الويب (2) BCE033 5.0 Web  Programming II
اوتومات  ولغات صورية BCE034 5.0 Automata & Formal Languages
الشبكات الحاسوبية (1) BCE035 6.0 Computer Networks I
الذكاء الصنعي BCE036 6.0 Artificial Intelligence
برمجة (3) BCE037 5.0 Programming III
المترجمات BCE038 6.0 Compilers
الاحتمالات والإحصاء BCE039 6.0 Probability & Statistics
مشروع (1) BCE040 6.0 Project I
هندسة البرمجيات (1) BCE041 6.0 Software Engineering I
تحليل وتصميم نظم المعلومات BCE042 6.0 Information Systems Analysis and Design
أمن تظم المعلومات BCE043 6.0 Information System Security
البيانيات BCE044 6.0 Computer Graphics
نظم الوسائط المتعددة BCE045 6.0 Multimedia Systems
برمجة تطبيقات النقال BCE046 6.0 Mobile Applications Programming
الخوارزميات الذكية BCE047 5.0 Intelligent  Algorithms
مشروع (2) BCE048 10 Project II
النمذجة والمحاكاة والتحقق BCE049 5.0 Simulation and Modelling and Verification