The efficiency: part of the ability to do a particular type of work on a specific level, which can be considered “talent” as well. Competencies may be physical or mental. Efficiency can not be considered as knowledge, understanding, or learned, acquired (skills) or orientation. The innate nature of efficiency is incompatible with achievement, which represents knowledge or acquired capacity.
And experience is the knowledge of insider. It is a general term in which the concept of knowledge, skill or observation is reduced. However, in a deep spontaneous and innate manner, a person usually acquires experience by participating in a specific action or event. Often, this repetition of the work or event deepens and brings about greater depth and spontaneity. The word experience is often associated with the word experience.
International Suleiman University When the center of competence and experience was opened, its aim was to reach the academic and professional degree holders, especially those working in scientific research in various disciplines, to employ their energies in a targeted manner and to provide them with job opportunities commensurate with their scientific and professional status in their fields of specialization.
Therefore, the University of Solomon International through the Center of competence and expertise opens the way for human resources of the owners of competence and experience by sending their scientific and professional files and their research with the CV to have a role and a place in the construction of human communities and ensure the appropriate work and income appropriate and Thus, the equation is realized and the potential of the distinguished human resources is not lost.
Files are sent via official email