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Evaluation and Equation

Evaluation and Equation2019-06-26T04:59:46+03:00


To the university degree holders who suffer from the issue of non-recognition of their certificates due to lack of equivalence in some countries, especially in Turkey and the Gulf States .. 
The University of Selmian International has created a solution to this issue through the evaluation institutions and thus gaining scientific degrees of strength and strength and opportunities Work for scientific specialists.

The classification and equation is based on the courses studied by the student in accordance with the hours adopted globally through the general study plan and the vocabulary of each course and the number of credit hours for this course. The total is an integrated unit for the issuance of evaluation in addition to scientific research and practical tests and tests To undergraduate students in all stages of the study, especially Masters and PhD.
Evaluation and equivalence are conducted through specialized committees that study the case according to the bases adopted in the major universities and scientific bodies.
For evaluation and equivalence, the approved e-mail will be sent to the student to send the academic certificate and a description of the courses and grades obtained by the graduate with the credit hours, as well as the research submitted by the researcher if there is research, attached to the evaluation request and a copy of the official identification card and the curriculum vitae of the graduate.
After completion of the evaluation, equivalence and authentication of documents from accredited official authorities, all documents shall be sent by express mail and the contents to the sender’s address and delivered by hand directly