We look forward to becoming a leading local and regional Faculty in the field of education and research, providing remedial and preventive dental services, and leading the role of the department in oral and dental health education and prevention.


Graduates of highly qualified scientific, practical and research professionals committed to continuing education and developing the profession, implementing applied research and providing treatment and awareness services according to the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the labor market and the local community by developing and developing resources, Global.


  • Providing a high level of education and training that ensures the qualification of dentists with high standards of efficiency.
  • Supplying the labor market with highly qualified dentists.
  • Developing the skills of faculty members to keep abreast of developments in means and methods of teaching and learning.
  • To establish and support scientific research areas to find appropriate solutions to oral and dental health problems in society.
  • Spreading health awareness in the community and prevention methods necessary to maintain oral health and teeth.

Conditions of success, graduation and assessment:

1. The score for each course is 100 degrees.

2. The student is considered successful in the course if he obtains a final result greater than or equal to 50% of the higher grade of the course.

3. If a student succeeds in a course and receives an exam mark higher than 90% of the total mark, the university has the right to check the level of the student through an oral interview or a written exam, and to confirm his success in the course or to announce his absence if he is not at the required level.

4. In the case of failure of the student in the course, he must return it with his examinations, and with full reimbursement.

Language of study: English language Arabic language

Duration of study:

1. The duration of the study to obtain the degree of the license in dentistry five years of study for the recipients on the basis of the secondary certificate and three years for the candidates in the program of promotion according to the Institute and specialization.

2. The student is allowed a maximum of 10 years for the secondary certificate holders and 6 years for the certificate holders of the intermediate institutes.

3. The academic year shall be divided into two separate classes. The University Council shall determine the date of beginning and ending of the study and the dates of the examinations according to the university calendar.

Overall graduation rate:
The rates of the courses in which the student succeeds for the five years are calculated and divided by the total number of courses and the general average is extracted.