Humanitarian Action Network for Education, Science and Culture (Ankara)

Grant from the Humanitarian Action Network for Education, Science and Culture
The Board of Directors of the International Humanitarian Network for Education, Science and Culture at International Suleiman University decided to guarantee 140 university students from war and crisis countries in the Middle East with 60% of the total tuition fees for four years
The scholarship application starts on 17 – 6 – 2019 and ends on 31 – 7 – 2019
Preference for early registration

The grant includes the following terms of reference:

1- Faculty of Economic Administration
– Department of Business Administration
– Department of Marketing
– Department of Finance and Banking
2- Faculty of Law
– Department of Law Studies
– Department of Criminal Sciences
3- Faculty of Political Science
– Department of International Relations and Diplomacy
4- Faculty of Education and Guidance
– Department of Teaching
– Department of Psychological Counseling
5- Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies
– Department of Arabic Studies
– Department of Islamic Studies
– Department of Islamic Economics
– Department of Islamic History
6- Faculty of Information and Communication


Last Name

Date of Birth


Country of birth

Country of residence


Zip Code



Photograph (jpg - pdf - png )

Copy of high school certificate (jpg - pdf - png )

Copy of personal identity or passport (jpg - pdf - png )

Faculty and specialization