Humanitarian Action Network

Is a non-profit independent network emanating from Sulaiman International University Limited, registered in the Republic of Turkey in the region of Hatay-Antioch, 0465-710-5910-0001, – Issue: 1529, Date: 19/02/2018, Commercial Registration No: 17433.

It is active in the field of education, science and culture to help students in crisis countries and crisis countries


We are responsible for the results of our business to donors and beneficiaries, and to be honest about our activities.

Creativity, effectiveness and quality:

We seek innovative solutions, and to achieve a scientific approach that ensures maximum efficiency and quality with a balance in cost, and we consider quality in our results to be more important than quantity.

Partnership and participation:

We ensure that beneficiaries and partners are involved in the planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of programs and projects, and work constructively with people and communities.


We aspire to live in accordance with the highest standards of personal and behavioral integrity.

Education, science and culture are the foundation of development and sustainable development.

Helping students in crisis countries and crisis countries to achieve development and sustainable development.

1. Dissemination of a culture of community awareness.

2. Helping students in crisis-stricken countries and countries in crisis in education, science and culture.

3. To enable students in crisis-stricken countries and crisis countries at all levels of education to complete their educational attainment by providing educational opportunities for all levels of study, especially university and postgraduate studies, preparing educational cadres and refining their capacities and preparing appropriate and safe places to achieve this goal.

4 – Improving the quality of education at all levels and leading the outputs of education.

5 – interest in training and development through the establishment of training courses and intellectual and cultural forums and scientific conferences aimed at spreading education, science and culture globally.

6. Creating productive and endowment projects that improve the social, cultural and educational structure of the human society.

7. Disseminate the culture of environmental awareness to achieve sustainable development through training courses, conferences and exhibitions.

8- To establish an educational platform in accordance with the latest technological technology to achieve quality in education and to give full potential for students to achieve.