Library Online

The University seeks to create a learning resource center that encourages reading and interaction with the educational community, supports scientific research, stimulates innovation and contributes to instilling scientific identity and values ​​of society.

The Office includes courses for all colleges at the University.

It also includes a wide range of books supporting scientific research.

Library Objectives

• Create the right environment for students of  International Suleiman University.
• Provide modern references for students and faculty members.
• Providing scientific research in all fields for faculty members and researchers.
• Providing electronic services, especially with respect to databases and e-books.
• Updating the content of scientific research courses in colleges to suit the latest technological developments.
• Enhancing scientific research at Solomon International University.
The e-library at the university aims to provide knowledge and information to the beneficiaries of the students and faculty members, and contains many books, references, electronic databases, journals and e-books. The library is a major pillar in the pillars of International Suleiman University because of its influence in the research and teaching process. In this sense, the university has given great attention to the library, especially as it is constantly developing the electronic library and increasing its foreign and Arabic holdings. Faculties, in addition to providing a library program that serves all the internal work of entering, searching, lending and serving all the beneficiaries who go to the library. The online library is the technical side of the library and includes the following aspects:
1. Secure access to global electronic libraries.
2 – Secure electronic books for educational staff and students.
3. Providing scientific films for students.