Before and after arrival

Immediately after registration, the University grants all necessary documents for obtaining a visa to come to Turkey, university accommodation and medical insurance

Medical Insurance

After reaching the university and extracting the student residence, the student can receive the necessary papers to move to the competent centers and extract the medical insurance.

Study accommodation

After the student arrives at the university, he can immediately go to the department to extract the required papers for the academic residence

Study visa

If the student is a resident outside Turkey, he can obtain the visa papers after registration

Study Systems

University offers three educational systems: “Direct Education – Open Education – Virtual Education”. Students of all faculties can enroll in the direct education system. Students wishing to study theoretical colleges and the College of Information Technology and Communications Technology can enroll in the virtual education system. Study of theoretical colleges (rights – political science – Economics and Administration – Information and Communication – Arabic and Islamic Studies – Education and Extension)