University calendar

(A) Separate the academic year from two compulsory academic semesters and an optional summer semester:
• The first semester: a compulsory compulsory period of 16-19 weeks allocated for examinations.
• Chapter 2: A normal compulsory period of 16-19 weeks, which is allocated for exams.
• Summer semester: intensive, ten-week intensive.
B) The university calendar approved by the chosen University Council shall determine the date of commencement of the study in each semester, the examinations, the recreational vacation, the announcement of the results and the registration dates.
– The student is currently being evaluated in any course in the classroom.
– Distribute grades on the elements of the quarterly calendar (tests, duties and regulations) in the internal system of the University and the characterization of its decisions, taking into account the following:
1. Theoretical courses:
Academic colleges: The semester (tests and duties) shall be allocated no less than 45% of the course mark, provided that at least one examination is held in the same semester. The final exam shall be awarded at least 55%
B) Theoretical colleges: The semester (tests and hot duties) shall be allocated no more than 35% of the course mark. The test shall be conducted at least in one semester. The final exam shall be allocated 65% of the final touches.
C. The final exam shall not be allowed for those who have not received 15% of the mark of the dismissal.
Dr.. Is not considered to be a success of 35% of the final exam mark.
2. Courses of practical nature or workshops and applied projects:
Board of Directors of the College concerned.
B) The College Council shall be issued at the beginning of each year.
The final assessment of the student shall be determined in the course.
(D) The student may apply
The student must adhere to the full curriculum and attend all lectures, practical classes and discussions
B- The deans of the faculties, heads of departments and members of the Commission
– Do not allow students to absent more than 20% of the number of hours scheduled for the course.
– If the student missed more than 20% of the number of hours spent. This failure to calculate the student’s quarterly student score score for the alarm, the separation of the program (specialization).
– If the student missed more than 20% of the number of scheduled hours, he did not decide what is, or equivalent? , And confirm the word (withdrawn)
– The student has the right to withdraw from the registered course during the semester, in which case a withdrawn assessment is awarded
– If the student withdraws in all his courses. This does not affect the calculation of the GPA.
– The quarterly average of each student is calculated at the end of each semester.
– Each student is calculated at the end of the semester.
– The student who does not have the achievement in the required work. Appreciation before the end of the third week of the next semester, and in the end
– A student who has earned a failed assessment or is denied in any course must re-register the course and study it again if you have an obligatory or equivalent.
– The student must take the final exam of the course and prepare it in a period of approximately 35% of the final exam mark or in his absence.