The university has adopted the Credit Hour System, a system that is adopted in many international universities and in most universities. The university’s connection with international universities is one of the main reasons for choosing this system, although it has many other advantages.

The credit system is generally based on a number of courses, each consisting of a number of credit hours. The accredited hour is defined as fourteen theoretical hours which are taught weekly during the semester.

The student needs to obtain a degree in a particular specialization until he successfully studies a number of credit hours that constitute the study plan for this specialization.

school system:

The academic year consists of two compulsory semesters and an optional summer semester:

Chapter 1: A normal compulsory period of 16-19 weeks, some of which are for examinations.
Chapter Two: A normal compulsory period of 16-19 weeks, some of which are for examinations.
Summer semester: optional intensive, ten weeks weeks.
Education Systems:

The student can choose between the university’s study system and the right to choose between direct education on campus in Antakya and receive the courses directly, and virtual education through the university’s electronic platform and the student receives courses online at specific hours a week through which he can communicate with his teacher, The exam will be electronic, open education after registration of the student and receipt of his / her study, in addition to the annotated videos for all courses. The exam will be chosen either through the electronic platform or a traditional exam on the campus .


Withdrawal from one or more courses:

If the student withdraws from one or more courses, the university will return the fees if the withdrawal is two weeks prior to his enrollment in the course. If the withdrawal after three weeks, the university returns half of the fee. After this period,

Arrest of study Study:

1 – A student who can not continue to study in a semester for reasons beyond his control may apply to the Head of the Student Affairs Department to request suspension of his studies (withdrawal from all the courses in which he was registered) in the mentioned chapter indicating the reasons for this.

2. The application must be submitted before the end of the ninth week of the semester.

3. The suspension decision shall be issued by the student affairs.

4. The financial regulations of the relevant University Council shall be applied in this case and approved by the Board of Trustees.

5. The duration of the suspension shall be calculated from the maximum limit for the period of registration allowed for the degree of leave.

Dropout and promotion of enrollment:

1. The student shall be excluded from the study in any semester when the registration requirements are not fulfilled. He may apply for registration in the following semester and subject to the registration requirements specified in this chapter. He shall pay the quarterly registration fee, plus the deduction fee for the previous semester determined from Before the University Council and approved by the Board of Trustees.

2- The student’s registration shall be rectified in the following cases:

a. If he is interrupted for two consecutive semesters.

B) If the maximum period of stay in the study is exceeded, approved by the Board of Trustees of the University.

C. If a decision is issued for his final dismissal from the university for various reasons (submitting forged documents, exceeding the limit of the final academic warnings, irregularities that justify dismissal from the university).

3. The student may be enrolled as a result of dropping out of school, re-registration at the university and after the approval of the relevant university council. This will result in the discharge of his previous financial contribution to the university (if any) and payment of the quarterly registration fee determined by the university council and approved by the board of trustees.

4- The student shall issue a decision to re-register the student and re-register it by the University Council upon the proposal of the College Council concerned.

Withdrawal from the University:

1 – The withdrawal from the university at the request of the student to the Director of Student Affairs.

2. The application must be accepted if, prior to the beginning of the semester, the applicant is considered to be innocent of the financial responsibility towards the university.

3. The applicant must be admitted during the semester, and the student enrolled in that semester must pay the tuition fees incurred for that semester. He is not entitled to claim any part of the fees and he will retain these fees if he returns to the university during the same semester.

4. The Director of Student Affairs shall submit the application after his approval to the Vice-President of the University for Administrative Affairs for consideration.

5- After the approval of his application, the student is considered to be withdrawn from the university. He is registered next to his name in the university records (withdrawal from the university according to the application number … date …).

6. A student has the right to object to his application under a new application submitted to the university presidency.